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In the Beginning

We can all agree that joining a conversation midway through is never ideal. Significant details are missed, ones which lend insight into a decision or an action; a detail whose single omission can result in your inability to fully grasp the situation. We can agree that to avoid a misstep or a misunderstanding it’s best to have all the facts. As such, in the content marketing world, it’s best to begin at the beginning. For our clients, the beginning is the establishment and clear communication of the goal. Why have they called in PLUK to help? What is the desired outcome of our engagement? In some cases, where the product itself is still being formulated or refined, it may be too early in the product lifecycle to leverage us, in other cases the more meaningful contribution is to help isolate actionable goals.

This may sound simplistic, but the truth is, our best clients are visionaries. Most of them have created something out of nothing, therefore their strength is in ideation. This is a tremendous asset to an organization and is also the reason most of our top clients are also founders. But there is also a downside to that gift. It can be challenging to guide the minds that can conceive of and create anything, into one course of action, that singular sensation. A sentiment we share more often than we'd like to admit is: “just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.”

The best content marketing teams can sift through the possibilities and identify the best strategic options based on your organization’s current ecosystem and aptitude. For teams without cohesive CRM protocols in place, we know not to overwhelm you with an infinite stream of content but rather give you tools to help shore up your process flows and explore opportunities for deeper client engagement. For those teams with a solid in-house writing staff, consider leveraging PLUK to help your team develop a campaign strategy that amplifies your existing content and helps it find a perfect audience.

While clarity of vision is the real beginning and first step, the very next step is meeting the client where they're at and working to guide them towards more productive prospect and client engagements. The team at PLUKagency is well versed in all of these areas.

If we've held your interest this far, please consider leveraging us to help you find ways to better capture your audiences.

Thanks for reading.

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