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Beneath the words

Writers are notoriously particular. The talent required to synthesize and frame a series of words together to create an image is arduous. There is even a bit of madness necessary to tap into the imagination and deposit words to paper. While our writers are gifted, what makes them great is their ability to understand which projects are best suited to their specific styles and thought processes. While I make the request, the writers choose their projects and that is by design.

This methodology gives our clients a team that is passionate about the work at hand. From that interest springs forth new ideas and better approaches. There’s nothing worse than working on an uninspired project. So, we eliminate that potential from the outset.

But it goes deeper than that. Before the writers ever weigh in, I do my work. As the strategic lead, it is my duty to select clients that are passionate about their businesses. I make this determination on our initial call. There’s something in the tone and cadence of a phone call that reveals more than what’s being said. I often listen for an energetic quality or even a hopeful one. But the secret lies between the words. I am actually listening for listening. A client who is simply talking at me is perhaps not the right fit, for effective collaboration requires a give and take and a willingness to extend.

Every interaction is an opportunity to build something together. For our team to feel confident supporting a new project, we require good collaborative partners willing to stretch and bend in the direction of a solution that we will discover together. That something special that will set the work apart and that makes people want to contribute their time and talents to its development.

I look forward to our call and divining the meaning beneath the words.

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