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Finding Your Frame

Actors know implicitly where the lens is and work to emote in a manner and direction that will support the frame. In 2019, it’s important to note that we are all essentially involved in one of the largest experimental frames in history: social media. But are we ready for our close up? And is your business?

Your audience will examine you through the lens of your content before ever having made your acquaintance. They will scroll over reviews, zoom in on your menus, traverse the carousels of images of your location and compare shots taken in the evening vs. day. They will read the work you’ve done for your previous customers with intent. They will be looking like a detective for the flaw or the kernel. The flaw is obvious, it’s the thing you didn’t see, but somehow everyone else did. Depending on how important that messaging was to them or how glaring the mistake, they will determine if you are competent enough to cut their hair or fix their cars, thinking all the while that if your attention to detail lapsed here (in the outermost display of your own identity) where else might it lapse. And in this exercise, they will judge you. And all of this is done in a millisecond. And it is done billions of times a day. And should you make it through those scrutinous hoops know that they might still be looking for more. Just because you didn’t err doesn’t mean you’re right for the job. With so many vying for so little, your audience is looking for something that sets you apart. The kernel. The thing that isolates you from the pack. The piece of detail glimmering in the heap, an edge of gold, which they hope is not fools. That is the piece they will PLUK.

Be that piece.

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